All submissions to the Dinnovation Competition should meet the guidelines outlined below and include all required materials to be eligible. Materials will be accepted starting November 1, 2018, including an application form on this page and a link to upload additional materials.


Required Submission Materials

  • Application Form which will be available on this page starting November 1, 2018
  • Design Dossier PDF uploaded to the Dinnovation Hightail Uplink (live Nov. 1)
  • 5-10 key high resolution JPGs from Design Dossier uploaded to the Dinnovation Hightail Uplink (live Nov. 1). File names should follow this structure, and be numbered in the preferred order for viewing:  2018_dinnovation_name_image#.jpg



  • At least one eligible design category must apply to a submission and must be designated on the Application Form. A submission may fit several categories reasonably, and may be marked as such, but ensure categorization is as precise as possible. Eligible design categories include:
    • Accessibility: Dinnerware designed to be used optimally for those with physical restrictions
    • Sustainability: Dinnerware representing the best use of recycled or earth-friendly materials
    • Use of Materials: Dinnerware utilizing non-traditional materials or new technologies, or innovative uses of traditional materials
    • Lifestyle Enhancement: Dinnerware designed to better support beneficial lifestyles, such as active lifestyle, healthier eating, portion control, etc.
    • Functionality: Dinnerware designed to be used in multiple situations, optimizing space, new portability solutions, etc.
  • All designs must be capable of being produced and adhere to laws of physics.
  • Submission may include one item, multiple items, or an item with multiple parts.
  • All entrants must be enrolled at least part time in an accredited graduate or undergraduate university program at the time of entry.
  • The project must be original and designed in entirety by the applicant(s) submitting.
  • All required materials must be uploaded to Dinnovation Hightail Account (live Nov. 1).


Design Dossier

In your Design Dossier, please include the materials listed below. Save all materials into one 8.5” x 11” PDF document to ensure proper, universally viewable formatting.

  • Title Page with Name, School, Design Name, and key image
  • Design 10-Word Description
  • Design 100-Word Description
  • 1-page design statement describing:
    • Applicable Dinnovation Category
    • The problem your dinnerware design solves
    • Your design and development process
    • Materials and methods used
    • User research and/or testing
    • Any personal inspiration as part of your process
  • 5-10 images done in any format with descriptive captions including, but not limited to:
    • Key image that represents your fully realized dinnerware design
    • Design and process sketches, including ideas that were not used
    • Optional 3D renderings
    • Design in use, or in context


Individual IMAGES

Separately provide 5-10 individual high resolution JPGs from Design Dossier that best showcase your design. Dinnovation may use these images independently from the Design Dossier for the website, print materials, press materials, etc. File names should follow this structure and be numbered in the preferred order for viewing: 2018_dinnovation_name_image#.jpg